Vendor Application

Vendor Application

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Sea and Sapphire Vendor.  All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified if a space is available.  Please fill out the application form below and Sea and Sapphire will contact you.

Vendor Policy

Vendors are responsible to provide accurate descriptions and clear photos of items for website posts. For Vendors that take custom orders, example photos are encouraged and it should be clearly noted in your descriptions that the photos are of examples. 

Vendors will be solely responsible for shipping sold items to purchasers or arranging pickups/drop offs for sold items. If a Vendor charges a fee for delivery or shipping, it should be noted in the item’s description. 

Any changes to the availability of a posted item should be communicated to Sea & Sapphire as soon as possible. New item posts, edits or changes to posts, and new Vendor applications are due by Sunday each week; changes to the website will be updated by Tuesdays. 

Vendor Payment Schedule

All payments to Sea & Sapphire are required upfront by email money transfer.  All Vendor payouts will be done monthly on the first of the month by email money transfer.

$2/item up to $20/month for unlimited posts 

5% sales fee applies 


Be Featured With Us 

Already have a retail shop established? Display your creations with us and we’ll send your new customers directly to you. 

$25/month or $250/year 

Application Form

I have read and understood the Vendor Policy and Payment Schedule