About Us

EST 2017

Welcome to Sea & Sapphire – based in Cochrane, AB. We are a local online boutique featuring items that are designed and handcrafted by the best local artisans, available at your fingertips at all times and all seasons. Support local businesses by checking us out regularly for uniquely beautiful, one-of-a-kind merchandise and market quality goods.

Our Story

The idea of Sea & Sapphire came to me one Friday morning after years of thinking and searching for something new - a change, something to be passionate about. I had often thought that other successful people, many of them friends who created small businesses or crafted beautiful works of art, they were the lucky ones to have creativity. I have since realized that the difference was not just that they had talent, but that they had a different internal dialogue with themselves, a different way to be in the world. They followed their dreams and went for it; they took and take risks that many of us are afraid to take, that’s what makes them successful in life.

So this is my yes. This is my time to do what scares me. I have a passion for all of us to inspire and empower one another to keep doing what we love, what we are meant to do. My idea to give local artisans a community to be a part of came about when I saw a gap in the market for them to have their handmade items properly recognized and celebrated. I noticed that local blogs and bidding pages never did their work justice, and that the larger international online marketplaces are oversaturated with products and lack quality control. Sea & Sapphire is for local creators to come together as one, a platform to feature our items for the public at a lower cost to us, and a place to share our passion with each other. I am reaching out not only to those who are already creators, but to those who have an idea, or who have always wanted something else…

Join me and start your story today.